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Child of God. Wife. Preacher’s wife 🙂 Mom to 2 beautiful and amazing girls. Daughter. Friend. Fitness lover. Network marketer. Coupon addict. Foodie. Lover of all things travel (and saving money while doing so).  I love life and am so thankful for every day I wake up.

Through this blog I hope we will have some awesome adventures together.  I look forward to sharing scriptures, products, mom fails (and hopefully some wins too), travel adventures, and more with you.  I desire to find joy and to smile through life’s ups and sometimes downs too.  Excited about this blogging adventure and hope you will join me!

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For the love of food

I love food. Anytime we go somewhere it’s possible I can be found scouring restaurants and reviews and food pictures.

I have the most amazing parents who blessed my husband with an amazing overnight outing so I was given the opportunity to find us amazing places to eat dinner and brunch! It was short notice so I was rushing to figure out where to eat in the car but we were very happy with our choices.

For dinner we found this fabulous family owned Italian restaurant and bonus, there was NO WAIT at 7:30 on a Friday night! It was obviously a place that people frequent which is always a good sign for me. Our waiter provided fantastic service, was funny, and obviously took pride in the food they serve. When my husband asked “Should I get the chicken Parmesan or the…” he didn’t even let him finish and immediately said the chicken Parmesan hands down. My husband ordered the minestrone cup of soup (I would only recommend getting a bowl if it’s your whole meal. We saw them and they are huge bowls. The cup is the size of a bowl at most restaurants). Another awesome tidbit is that they frequently use fresh vegetables from the garden outside the restaurant in their food. For dinner I had the pasta Prima with grilled shrimp and my husband had the chicken parmesan. I tasted it. It really was amazing. Pictured at end of post: pasta Prima with grilled shrimp.

When the waiter brought the dessert tray he brought the whole tray but said “would you like the chocolate mousse cake or the chocolate mousse cake?” I had planned on getting the tiramisu but ended up getting that instead. He also insisted I close my eyes to take my first bite. It was worth doing to savor that first bite. It was amazing. My husband got the Italian cream cake which he also said was amazing. I took a bite and it was but I was in the mood for chocolate and it was so good. Amazing cake pictured at end of post.

I ended up taking a good portion back to the room, having some with coffee and the rest for breakfast 😁. So if you are ever in the medical center area I highly recommend trying prima pasta restaurant.


For brunch we wanted to go somewhere nearby so we could pick up our girls soon after.

Punks southern food is located right beside a nice fountain and lawn where kids can play. Great atmosphere. I had the Charleston stack. An open biscuit with gravy, chicken, potatoes, peppers and an egg on top. My husband had biscuits and gravy with bacon and fresh fruit.

If you are in the rice village area this place is worth trying; however pasta prima I will definitely return to, while I would probably try a new brunch place next time.


Looking forward to our next foodie adventure!

Nuskin does it again

Looking for a one-of-a-kind skin care system that delivers dramatic skin renewal and deep-cleansing in a single 2 minute treatment?  This device gently AND deeply cleanses away oil, dirt, makeup and toxins along with pore tightening action, which will leave your skin feeling smoother and purer.  Just 2 minutes twice a day will provide you with instant benefits, such as:

Skin Renewal, Smoothness, Radiance, Refreshed Skin, Purified Skin, Minimized appearance of pores, Increased appearance of volume and density.


This waterproof and rechargeable personal skin care device is used alongside our specially formulated treatment cleansers to treat and cleanse the face.  The gentle, soft, and hygienic treatment head sets our device apart from its competitors so it won’t damage the skin or lift skin cells.  The proprietary Micropulse Oscillation technology paired with the AgeLOC treatment solution will leave your skin feeling younger and more radiant in no time!

Added benefit: You don’t even have to rinse your makeup off before using it.  It will lift the makeup out while it treats your skin!

Here are some pictures demonstrating how effective this amazing device is with one use!

Why wait?  Experience more youthful and radiant skin today!



Top 5 harmful ingredients found in teeth whitening products

There are so many varieties of teeth whitening products available on the market, but not all whitening products are created equal.  If you only look at the active ingredients found in some of these products, you might not initially notice a huge difference.  Most of these whitening products contain Sodium Monofluorophospate and Fluoride Ion.  The difference is often found when you take a closer look at the OTHER INGREDIENTS column. 

Many whitening toothpastes and whitening products contain:

Bleach – can cause sensitivity, irritate the soft tissue, and even cause nausea or vomiting.

Propylene Glycol, which is found in anti-freeze.  

Hydrogen peroxide, which, when used regularly, can cause irritation of the gums and can be too harsh for those with crowns, fillings, and dental implants.

Disodium pyrophosphate – known to cause severe inflammation and can be harmful to skin.

BHT – some studies indicate there may be a link between BHT and cancer, asthma, and potential behavioral issues with children, along with allergies and endocrine disruption.

tooth pain

THANKFULLY there is a better alternative.  Our toothpaste does not contain ANY of these potentially harmful ingredients.  Our patented toothpaste is rated very low on RDA dental scale for abrasiveness, and all products are considered safe by the FDA and rated low on the EWG’s cosmetics database.  

When you take the time to really compare the ingredients, it really is not apples to apples.  Our toothpaste takes the cake 🙂  If you are looking for a safer alternative to whiten your teeth, and all you have to do it brush your teeth twice a day (no messy white strips, bleaching agents or peroxide found here), head on over to my website to get yours today at link below!

Whitening toothpaste

Lessons from an Unexpected Journey into Network Marketing

If you had asked me even 6 months if I had considered or would consider joining a network marketing company, my answer would have been something like this:


This was not because I did not respect people who were involved with one, but it just wasn’t “for me”.

Why?  Startup costs, no products I loved, products are expensive, I wouldn’t be good at something like that…the list could go on and on.

Fast forward a couple months.  I had been watching a friend of mine posting about toothpaste for some time, but I hadn’t inquired because I figured the product was out of my price range, and I always feel bad saying “Sorry, I’d love to, but that’s just out of my price range.” So one day I’m working at the facility of said friend and I decide to ask how much it is.  When she tells me the cost and that a tube will last me 2 months I’m legit blown away, because we can’t even take the family to Chili’s on that cost.  So I get some toothpaste and for the next few weeks I’m loving the way my teeth feel, the fact that I don’t have rank morning breath anymore, and the fact that when I take pictures (yes, I take selfies sometimes) my teeth seem to be shining brighter.

While I’m using this product I continue to see my friends posts that it was FREE to start this gig.  Me, being skeptical as I am, wasn’t sure about this.  So next time I’m working at the building I off-handedly start asking questions “So, it was free, but how much do you have to buy every month?” Nothing.  “What are the monthly or yearly fees?”  Nothing. “How about the cost to maintain your website?” Nothing.  My questions turn from off-handed to pointed as I am SURE I am missing something, somewhere.  Meanwhile, my heart is pounding and something inside is telling me “Try it, try it, try it…” It sounded like green eggs and ham in my brain “Try it, try it, and you may, try it and you may I say”.  I am not a super spontaneous person.  I am incredibly logic bound.  I like math.  I like to figure things out.  I like plans. So as I signed up and did my first post, there was a war within me that was both saying “Go for it” and “What in the world are you doing?”

A few weeks later after a whirlwind month and tubes of toothpaste flying out my door faster than I could get them in, I get a message from my friend “Girl…did you know you are __ tubes of toothpaste away from reaching the first level of leadership?”  Umm….no I didn’t and what is that?  A few days later “GIRL!  You did it!”  So I filled out the form, excited yet my logic-minded brain still unsure, the doubting part of me thinking “What if you can’t do it?”  The self-doubt creeping it.  The mindset of “Other people are great at this kind of stuff, not me”. Month 2 rolls around “Girl, you did it again!” Month 3, suddenly I’m an Executive and have a team of awesome ladies doing this toothpaste thing with me.

A mindset shift from “What do I have to lose?” to “What do I have to gain?” Now, instead of “NEVER”, it looks more like this:


So many amazing things have happened from this unexpected journey so far (aside from the obvious part of making money).  I have met SO many new and amazing people!  I have been inspired and encouraged by people I would have never otherwise met.  I have gained confidence in myself I didn’t know I had.  I have had the opportunity to encourage and bless others in return.  I have learned to be more spontaneous.  I have learned to worry less.  I have learned that I am capable of more than I thought possible.  And most importantly, this journey has brought me closer to God than I have been in a long time.  It’s helped me prioritize my time better, including my time in study and prayer.

This journey into network marketing was definitely unexpected while also being more than I could have ever expected, and I’m excited to see where it continues to take me.

Interested in joining me on this journey?


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